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Blue Ridge Pharmacy draws upon experience and ability to service specialized patient populations throughout your community. From Skilled Nursing Facilities, to Assisted Living, to Adult Care Facilities and beyond - Blue Ridge Pharmacy is uniquely equipped to create a customized service plan for your residents. We offer advanced clinical services, medical records support, a dedicated IT staff, and 24/7 access to a pharmacist, making patient care our first concern. Blue Ridge Pharmacy's priorities align with facility priorities, as customers count on the timely delivery of medications, clean medical records, and accurate billing necessary in todays' long term care environment.


Why Use Blue Ridge LTC?

  • We have and will continue to recommend Blue Ridge Pharmacy to our friends and neighbors
    - Matt & Kim S
    You all were awesome.  I just wanted to call and compliment the entire staff.  You all were so accommodating.  We've never had an experience like that in a pharmacy before.  My mom said when we got home last night she was going to write the Citizen Times and tell them how awesome you all were!
    - Beth T.
  • There are many times I am not able to get to the pharmacy and you always come through snow, sleet, rain, whatever to make sure we have our medicine.  Thank you!
    - Carrington, Michael, & Jacob R
    Personal friendliness with professional knowledge and down home customer care were the winning combination for me.
    - Anne C.